savior (2)

As i sit here to convene my thoughts,
I feel emotions of love, hate, and greed.
Being pulled between destiny and desire,
I feel the world coming to an end,
Rapture is no longer in sight.
I feel oblivion's wings wrap around me,
Pulling me into eternal depression.
I curl tightly into a ball and close my eyes
I envision thee standing there.
She looked as an angel from above,
So Divine.
Extending a hand,
I grasp on with all of my might
Was it my savior?
Was it my divine decree?
Was it my destiny?
I feel as if fate is overtaking my soul.
Opening my eyes i realize i foresaw my future
All this time thou hath been there,
I only had to perceive true tragedy to find thee
All i feel now, is emotions of love.
Rapture is now in sight.