Do I Really Want Him

I donít know what to say.
I donít know how to act.
I donít know why you want me,
with the way I act.

I treat you like dirt.
You tell me this each day.
I donít appreciate you,
like I did last may.

You treat me like a princess.
I tare your heart apart.
I donít know why I canít commit to you,
the way I do my art.

You hurt me so bad,
inside and out.
You say you love me.
Then you just skip out.

How am I supposed to react?
I am so confused.
Do I really want you,
or do I want you to fade away like I do this bruise?

This is the big question.
What ever should I do?
Does my heart yearn for you?
Or does my heart lust for youÖ