What my babe should call me.

"Cowboy" because of the connotations for my becoming her bed
"pardner" and my love of the Big&Rich classic "Save A Horse,
Ride A Cowboy";"Brad" because I'm considered a classically
handsome black man(at 56-July 6,I'm said to look between 15
and 20 years younger than my age)who could be called a life-
size Brad doll(a bald,muscular,beefy 5-9,218 lb.,if Brad,from
1970-'72,Barbie's boyfriend Ken's handsome black buddy,were to
return almost two generations later in human form,I'd probably
be he),and "Stud,"because to that-hopefully-buxom blonde's de-
light,I'll LAY IT DOWN BUT GOOD on our very first couples'