Break Up Theory

When you and your boyfriend or girlfriend break up with you, there are some phases you go through with the break up.
If you are the dumper: You have 3 phases:
*Phase 1- You feel bad for them after you break up with them and you think you will have a bad reputation when you get back to school.
*Phase 2-You think you have lost something special and close to your heart
*Phase 3- You have moved on and you dont care anymore

If you are the dumpee: You also have 3 phases:
*Phase 1- You are upset, sad. If your a guy- you want to be alone. Girls- grab the ice cream, best friend, and the notebook
*Phase 2- You get angry. You think that they are the worst person on the earth. (the dumper)
*Phase 3- You don't care anymore. You have moved on to bigger and hopefully better things.