make a guy like you. for girls

1.)hang around him. pretty simple! because, if u're not there, he won't think of u, but if u r, he'll keep u in his mind
2.)flirt! FLIRT, GIRL, FLIRT!!! it doesn't matter if u know ur being obvious, because if he knows u like him, he'll know its ok 2 ask u out!!
3.)try things he likes. do things he likes. if u hav elective option at school, or u can b near his cubical, or something, do the thing he's doing 2 b close!!! it will keep him his mind & he'll think u like the things u like
4.)TRY, TRY AGAIN! don't give up if he doesn't go for u immediately
5.)b urself, and u'll shine thru, and he'll admire u for that
6.)LOOK HAWT! i'm not saying trashy, but hawt. if u come 2 work or school in nice makeup, a good hairdo, & great clothes that are eyecatching, but not skimpy or skanky, he'll checkin' u out!!
thank u, i luv u all, & i hope u get ur man!!!! xoxo