this beats them all!

first off this is only suitable if you and you 'parnter' are comfy with each other.
well guys like to feel up us ladies yeah? so take that away from him. tie him up and tease him to the max. kiss and softly lick his torso. (also kiss his collar bone most guys love that) then as you slowly move up, lick all the way up his neck and then hover over his mouth so he thinks your going to kiss him but don't. whisper something in his ear to make him want you even move. then kiss him. oh p.s. you have to be topless. the both of you. and he must be blindfolded. it makes it so intense, its fantastic for the both of you. guarenteed to keep him interested!

this works for girls too, including the breasts, lick her nipples. its a big turn on!

however you might wonna check that your parnter is ok with all this!!