Love In Disquise

Love In Disquise

how can i realize i had love

how can i make him feel dat it was love

how can i make him know dat i love him so

and that i still do

how can i even let him go

he does't feel like i loved him

but can't i survive without him

i loved this person like he was my god

to hear his giggles

to know dat he loved me

but i hurted him

lettin him think our love was a waist

but it wasnt true

but still we love eachotha

or maybe not?

i know i do

show me how to love

for once i had something good

but messed it up

it took us slow knowing dat we was growing our love

from childhood friendship to ride or die for eachotha love

if only he'll listen to know dat that this girl

loves him