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Looks and Eyes :
real tips to get a guy interested

DONT stare, it will freak him out.
Eye contact is very important, but you dont want to look at him so much otherwise he,ll think your weird.
When your talking to him, look at his face, if you feel like your blushing look down, then back at his eyes.
If you feel intimidated the look at his lips instead, if you shorter than him it looks like your looking at his eyes.
Guys like a girl who knows what she likes.
If he,s an acquaintance then start with eye contact then move up to talking briefly to him. Try to think of something important if you want to have a convo with him. Like: whats for homework? Then change the subject to something relative to that then to something that he like, then to something to like...ect.
If you notice him looking at you alot more than guys normally look at you, then he might like you.
Try to look at him from time to time and look at his pupils to see if they,re looking at you. If he is looking at you, don,t look away, right away. Hold your eyes there for a second longer, then look back to your friends or something else. Try to catch his eye.
I wouldn,t be too obvious the first couple days that you think he likes you because you might be wrong, but eventually become more obvious that he will realize that you like him too. If you are pretty sure that he likes you, but he isn,t making any moves except for eye contact, then mabe you should be the first to strike up a convo that might lead to the fact that you like each other.
DONT force him into saying that he likes you.
DONT act like you dont care. Guys dont like playing games.

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