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30 year age difference

Both my partner and I knew each other a long time before we got involved; I was his daughter's best friend, and he was the friendly father of my closest friend. I used to share mature, appropriate talks with him when he'd drive me home. Our conversations never turned sexual, or innapropriate during this time. He was polite, respectful, and caring- and I always admired him, but dismissed it as a 'schoolgirl crush'. I maintained my friendship with his daughter for several years, often sleeping over, going out with her shopping, etc. He was always friendly with me, but at this time I was playing around with boys my own age, embracing my newly discovered teenage sexuality. He watched me from afar, playing and breaking my 'boy toys'. I never noticed his silent observations. He never brought up the subject, and got visually uncomfortable whenever his daughter and I discussed cute boys. I got busy, I drifted away from my friend, I matured, viewed boys my own age differently. Basically, I'd been there and done that. Before I left, he gave me a very intimate hug, pressing his body tightly against mine, my lips grazing his neck. I felt a rush of excitement, but dismissed it as my usual sexual lust. I left, dated, hooked up casually. Everytime, I dumped the guy directly after I got mine. They were sexual playthings, I never loved them. As hard as I tried, his face kept drifting back into my mind, that welcomed touch, his smile- there had always been an intense connection, but I had never considered he was interested in me, a younger woman. I found myself dreaming of him, constantly replaying memories of him in my mind. I returned, and I caught his gaze- and neither of us looked away. We both went up to each other, catching up. Somehow, we both knew. Two days later, he complemented me and I complemented him, praising his attractive looks. After, he professed his love and undying attraction. He had always loved me growing up, but now he was in love with me, and the person I had become. We held each other for the longest time, neither of us wanting to leave each others arms. I found for the first time, I was in true, adult love. From there, we've entered a serious relationship, and got married. For us, age was merely an obstacle- not a deal breaker. Our relationship is as hot and passionate as when we first started- and I still can't believe the intensity and endurance of our love. True love knows no age, religion, color, or belief. I would strongly encourage individuals under the age of 18 to wait until their consenting adults. Afterall, love never flourishes from a jail cell.

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