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signs your partner is in a double relationship

I've had every one of my past relationships end with my boyfriend cheating on me so i tried doing it right this time. I hadn't dated in 2 and a half years because of fear of being cheated on once again. My friend set me up with a guy my age. Within about a week we met and hit it off. I noticed from the beginning that he always turned off his cell phone everytime we were together and his exuse was is that he wanted to only focus on me without any interruptions. He would always dissappear every Sunday and it so happened that i worked every Sunday. He would also never log into MSN, Yahoo,or Facebook infront of me...hmmmm now that bothered me. Everytime I wrote on his wall on Facebook, it would be deleted almost right away. He never wanted our picture taken together either. I guess he was afraid of the other girl(s) seeing us like that which would ruin his game. He always had an excuse for everything. I suspected for a long time but denied because i wanted to believe him. Then one weekend last August he told me he was taking a vacation, no phone calls, no nothing, and that he just needed to be alone.... now that really bothered me but he gave me another good excuse once again. One time a girl called his cell phone and i over heard him reassuring her that he was just with a friend. He gave me the excuse that this girl was obsessed with him. But still it really bothered me. He never let me leave my clothes at his house either. I later found out he was living a double life and seeing me and his girl friend of 2 years. I was the other woman and i never even knew it and still feel terrible even though i know it's not my fault because i really had no idea there was someone else.

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