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a shadowy embrace

well she is not my ex bt....she is ...well the whole idea confuses me...i love her or i think i love her....bt the truth is i really don kno.....well she is into a serious commitments bt i....well i am just too confused...or u may say scared of commitments.....i really don want to hurt her .....seriously i dont ....for she trusts me.....bt i just want too break free fr i don feel as free as i was before ....its my 1 st eva comitment...,we not have been sexually active....bt ya...we are little physical....,basically...i am nt a bad at heart...its just tht i wanna b a little sure....of us....n want her to understand me....bt where till i kno her she ll think i am just another bastard who came n went bye...which i am not..honestly i think she is not the one....bt i guess its a lil too late as we hv been together arnd 9 months.....i wish if there was any magic wand which i cud use to make things betta n understandable fr me....without hurtin her....well i am one big asshole.....juss wanna say sryto her....sry dear...really sry...bt i cant take this no mre ,juss wanna swing to a one side(espacially side to single path) rather than just hanging up in the middle....wish there cud b a painless solution...


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