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Guy and girls first kiss at school
What you do is. Girl-if u r a girl who wants a boy to kiss her and have sent vibes already then wat you can do is go up to the boy.(note if you havent hugged him before do not try this untill ur comfortable hugging.)smile at him and say 'close ur eyes i have a gift for you'.dig in ur backpack,purse,or pocket.then a second after he closses his eyes kiss him.(cheek,lips,nose) {note make sure there are no teachers around.}then when he opens his eyes ask him if he will go out with u or if u wanna do the mysterious way smile and say see u later then walk away. Guys-if u lik a girl and u sent ur manly vibes out and she didnt pick them up wat u do is start talking to her more.hang out with her when u can.then when u start getting comfortable with each others pressence start hugging her when u say hi or bye.when shes sad drape an arm over her and give her a tight hug.make a joke and b nice to her.girls hate being hurt by a guy who likes her.she will cheer up eventually.when ur leaving school one day after hugging her goodbye smile and look in her eyyes.then gently kiss her.(note if she pulls back she might b shy or trying to tease u.)if she pulls away and looks angry say sorry and hug her bye.if she is smiling then laugh and say 'hey get back over here'and reach out grabbing her hand and pulling her into a soft kiss.

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