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Got to stay strong!
'anything you chase in life will run away' this in fact is very true specially when dealing with a men. You see men and women are very different women like to 'talk things through' and men dont respond with words they respond with no contact. If you,re going through a heart ache and want your ex back or maybe you just wanted them to want you back follow these simple tips. they work 100% 1. agree! they tell you ' i think we are better off apart' or ' I think we need to break up ' just act like you totally agree with them! dont argue or start a fight! the fact you agree with them is going to blow them away because you arent responding in a emotional way. 2. Give the the silent treatment! this means distance yourself. do not answer any of his calls, do not reply to any of his emails, Ims etc. and DO NOT TXT HIM! you have to make him miss you if you stick around how will he miss you? how will he realize what an amazing catch you were if you make him feel he has 100% hold of you? its proven that when anyone gives the silent treatment to anyone they can physically feel pain because nobody likes being ignored. whatever you do ... DO NOT RESPOND! 3. GET BUSY. you have to start focusing on you! get a job, join a class, start working out! it will keep your mind busy! dont mope around!

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