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Do not read this unless you want to get orgasms
1. When you kiss him suck or bite his lower lip. Guys just go crazy for that. 2. Do not be afraid to climb on top of him. He will find you playful and he will want to kiss you. 3. It,s ok...he can feel you up...just as long he isn,t obsessed with your breasts. 4. Wrapping your legs around him is what he wants. Put every inch of skin you have on him. 5. Pretend you are a hooker or stripper and give him a lap dance!!! I saw a girl do this to her boyfriend at the school dance. 6. Spank him and let him spank you. Just not too hard. 7. Take off ALL your clothes unless you have some sort of skimpy lengiere. LACE!!! 8. Nibble on his ears. 9. Pour chocolate syrup on yourself and let him lick it off. Whipped Cream works better. 10. Push him on the bed, climb on top of him, and rip his clothes off. He can tear yours off with his teeth.

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