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Hey girls, give your boyfriends the hottest kisses they've EVER received. ,)
When you,re kissing your boyfriend, always have one hand on the back of his neck, and the other playing with his hair. Guys love it. Then, get really close. Nudge your lips against his. Then trace his lips with your tongue. Ever so slightly part his lips with your tongue and trace the bottom of his upper row of teeth. Heíll start getting turned on. Then, heíll join you with your tongue. As soon as he does, circle each otherís tongue. Around and around, and keep going. Stop, lick the tip of his tongue and then gently suck it. Gently bite his lower lip, and then say ďMmmÖ Yummy.Ē By the time this happens, heíll be really turned on. Then, all thatís left is to start french kissing. Tilt your head to the side, and start frenching each other. Go deep and passionate, then begin to turn to the other side, but donít stop kissing. Then continue french kissing. Itís amazing, and works GREAT for me and my boyfriend. It turns him on like crazy. ')

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