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The teasing kiss for girls
(don,t do if you don,t want to go farther) start out with him sitting down & tell him he cannot touch you until you,ve kissed his lips. This will make him really want to touch you all over but he can,t do anything until you,ve kissed his lips! while you,re wearing a skirt walk up to him and take off your shirt really slowly, but leave your bra and skirt on. then sit on his lap straddling him putting pressure on his groin area and squeeze like your hugging him a little with your legs. If he,s wearing a button up shirt unbutton the buttons from the top down really slow and keep squeezing him with your legs, he will feel like popping and kiss him down the chest and belly while unbuttoning his shirt. take it off and let him feel your hands all over his chest and down his belly but not touching him there, it will make him want you really bad. Unbutton & unzip his pants but don,t do anything, just squeeze harder with your legs and maybe do a little moving back and forth, by this time he will be panting, kiss his chest and slowly trail your way up to his neck and behind his ear remember you,re in a skirt and still smoothly going back and forth, and he will be moaning. Touch noses with him and he will be begging for the kiss if he hasn,t grabbed you yet, wait a few more seconds looking in his longing eyes then go in for the kiss, but you won,t be kissing long ')

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