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Tips for Guys and girls who like to take control! :)
Well I have a boyfriend and he loves what I do to him! You can do this anywhere pretty much! Here is what you do... First make sure you two are comfortable kissing each other AND that they are in the mood for kissing this will make them turned on and/or horny. Then start by kissing their neck not just a peck but a REAL kiss use lots of lip and maybe nibble a bit do that to their jawbone,chin,nose,and corner of the mouth but NOT on the lips do that until they try to kiss you. Then if your a girl sit in his lap or lay on top of him. if your a guy then pull her onto your lap or on top of you. If your standing then girls pin him against a wall. Guys do same and also rub the inside of her thigh it feels great to the girl.This can lead to more depending on your location have fun and remember when they kiss you start to make out through the whole session!!!

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