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Needed space.
My boyfriend and I were together for 2 years and one month. And we just recently broke up. He said he needed space because he didn,t feel the same way about me anymore. It hurt I cried everyday. I missed him so much. And the main thing not to do when this happens is don,t call, text, or beg. I did. I just didn,t want to lose him. He ignored my calls and Hardly text back. All I can think about is if he,ll find someone new. What sucks even more is that we go to school together and 2 of our classes are together and another one is right next to eachother. Doesn,t help the situation. My plan is to slowly let go. I hoodlike day he,ll come back around but right it,s time to worry about myself. He told me he doesn,t want to hold me back but all i could think about was him finding someone else. Your suppose to show them what it,s like not having you around. No one can guarantee that it will work but just try it. I was at the point where I taught I can,t move on I,m too inlove. But as soon as someone dumps you, start worrying about yourself.

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