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Hya everyone so well, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my experiences First I,ll ler u know: I,m 15 and my bf is 19, some say a huge diffrence, I say, I don,t care, so does he well anyway, I don,t see him a lot, which is often difficult, If I,m lucky I see him once a week, but at those times we can,t be alone, so making out is something we can,t do a lot, which does make it intenser: -the least you do something particular, the more he/she will like it!- well I guess that,s the first tip... well so like, my bf can kiss like, really good.. as in OMG, no really, no kidding, anyway, I like to be the dominant one, he is the stronger one, conclusion, we often get into a fight while kissing.. this can be a hXXX of a lot of fun, really, try it once! [editor note - removed email address for internet safety]

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