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Tips for the boys for what you should do & shouldn't
Everyboy is different some show feelings some don,t but it always best to show your feelings when its the right time. here are few advices i hope i help :) 1. when a girl is quiet ask her whats wrong & if she says nothing. ask are you sure ? it would make her feel like aw he does care even though nothing was really wrong 2. if your jealous, don,t be mad at your girlfriend just tell her babe stop that makes me mad so you guys don,t argue 3. its always good to lay down with your girlfriend & talk about ' us, if you don,t like telling your feelings it would let her know you do care about her 4. a girl doesn,t like when a guy is all up on her, give her space 5. don,t abuse the word ' ily 6. let her meet your mom. yeah she would freak out but it would let her know your serious with her 7. never treat her different when your around your friends. deep inside its hurting her but she wouldn,t show how she feels so at least apologize if she looks bother 8. girls love boys that are sweet. say the most cutest thing to her. trust me ! she wouldn,t forget it 9. be honest with her, never lie to your girlfriend boys because she loves a honest guy even if it hurts 10. # 1 thing i saved it for last tell people you date her, if anyone askes you got a girlfriend say yes her name is ___ . it lets her know ' oh he does want me

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