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Soothing Music
Undoubtedly you've discovered for yourself how much music can affect your mood. If you play happy, upbeat music, it tends to put you into a happy mood. If you sit there all day playing sad songs, it emphasizes your sadness. Playing angry music while you are angry helps you vent those angry feelings. One of the best ways to unwind and feel less stressed is to play music that, to you, helps you be more mellow. This will vary from person to person - one person might love classical music, but another might hate it. One might love soft jazz, and another might want to listen to Disney love songs. Look through your music selection and pick out a few CDs that are quiet and soothing, that you can listen to and feel your shoulders relax and your breathing deepen. If you can, you might even want to mix your own relaxing CDs, either onto a CD or onto a MP3 list. Find a blend that is perfect for *you*, of your favorite songs that let you become mellow. You'll find that preparing that music set will come in handy when things get a bit stressful! Here are two of my favorites. You can give these a try, or mix up your own!



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