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If you broke it off
After breaking up, you should definitely give it some time. You'll want to call, text, want to give in to the emotion and take advantage of the chance to stir up some drama. I don't have to tell anyone that especially if you've slept together, there will be memories that you just can't get away from. I broke up with my boyfriend for all these legit reasons, but you better believe I forgot them when he texted me that he'd always love me, something we'd never really said to each other before. We ended up together again, just a weekend here and there, and suddenly all the 'reasons' I had for breaking up with him in the first place came back. You have to look at the relationship in the context of the rest of your life- is this guy or girl throwing the rest of your life off? Is being crazy about them going to do anything for your future? If not, you were probably right to break it off, as much as it hurts right now. Two years from now, you may be in a situation to have a much more healthy, convenient relationship with the person you used to be with. Imagine the first kiss after all that time apart- it might just be worth the wait!

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