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You can half way forgive but cant forget just yet
I know it isnt easy knowing that your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife has cheated on you and to had them keep it a secret for some time. There's no way you can forget what he or she did to you especially if it was something as severe as them having sex with another person. Dont force yourself to forget because you need to deal with that pain and if you just build it up inside of you then you'll end up doing something regretable and start disrespecting yourself. In the end the pain will explode at maybe the worst possible time so it is better just to deal with it rather than acting as if nothing happened. You need to talk it through with your partner and get all the tears and pain out. This doesnt mean to sit there and scream at your partner that has cheated, just try to make it as undetailed as you can, just let them know that you are hurt but you want to work it out with that person and get through this horrible thing they have done. Now forgiveness is gonna have to be present when trying to work it out with your partner but that doesnt mean you have forgive them 100%. It's too hard to completly forgive your partner after them doing what they did so what you do is half way forgive. They dont need to know you dont totally forgive them just keep on working it out with your partner and keep on running through your head that you really love this person and your willing to undestand a mistake; that your sticking with them. Make sure that you get that promise though that your partner will never hurt you again in any way and that they're sticking it through with you as well. Make sure it's clear neither of you are giving up. Say to yourself i can half way forgive but cant forget just yet.

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