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Make you ex feel your have moved on
Your ex made the decision to move on a long time beore they actually broke up with you. Now you are just finding out the big news and you can't cope. They expect you to beg them back, ask why and make a total fool of yourself while they are sitting back laughing. You have to do the opposite of what they expect. Even if you are hurt you can't let them know. Do not call them anymore!!! They expect you to call, then when you don't, they will call you. Act like you don't know who it is when they call. Then when they get mad that you didn't recognize thier voice act as if you are so busy that you can't talk to them right now. You can even go as far as yelling in the back ground 'Babe, grab my jacket, I'll be right out'. That will make them so mad that they will think you have moved on. Trust me I have did it more than once and it works everytime. You should change your look a bit to something you know will not expect. I went from the girl next girl to the girl in 'Maxium Magazine'. I made sure he saw me lookingthat way. I act as if I didn't see him looking at me and I made sure I had a fine guy with me just holding my hand, hugging and kissing me (I paid my friends brither to play the role). Trust when I say, the shoe will be on the other foot. They will say they made a mistake and want you back. You can always look hot and make sure you are seen by his closest friends. You know that a man hates it when their friends are jocking and talking about you. This can work both ways, for a guy or a girl.

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