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We're not moves on
I broke up with my BF nearly 2 weeks ago. He told me he was commitment phobic even though we had been dating for only a month. I was zapped, because everything was so perfect! The funny thing is he told me likes me shit loads and he always screws it up with women and doesnt wana do this with me. Vow!! ..Double whammy. I was left confused..he really wants to be friends? I've never managed that with any of my ex's..So ladies...I did what is best..howled on my own, talked to my best GF's..and serached the net for women like me..Trust me ..I'm feeling a load better..Becuase ..we all need to hear..that WE AREN't alone...So cheers ..and remember what I'm telling my self...It will take time..but I gotta be clear on what I'm looking to heal...

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