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Me and my ex were together for 2 years. Throughout those 2 years he left me 3 times, and came back every time. The first time I didn't even try to get him back, and wasn't that bothered, but I did not talk to him for about a month. Finally I wrote just because I was just curious how he was after not talking with him, and he wanted me back. The second time he left me, I was devestated. For 2 weeks I cried on the phone to him every night, and everytime I saw him I cried and begged him to come back. Finally after 3 weeks I gave up and stopped talking to him altogether. Whenever he saw me around I ignored him and acted really happy, and I made sure to wear his favorite outfits and do my hair the way he always liked. After 2 months he finally called me and begged me to come back because he was miserable without me and needed me. So the ignoring your ex and acting very happy thing does work, but a few days after, we were talking and he felt that our relationship wasn't as good and was doubting it because he thought it was all or nothing. We were wonderful together, but apart, we had nothing. And now he's left me a 3rd time, and I know that this time ignoring him will not work, because he sees it as 'all or nothing'. This time I am not contacting him at all, but I will talk to him politely when he contacts me. I am friendly towards him, and I seem happy, but it bothers him that I do not call him or IM him when he gets online. Also, I am talking with a few other guys, and I know he is very jealous because he says he doesn't want anyone else to have me.

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