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My Partnerīs Internet Friends
Itīs easy for someone to get hung up in an internet world - whether itīs someone they chat with constantly, or a gaming group that spends hours every night playing together. They are fantasy worlds, 'easy', without the difficulties of real life. All of these social activities take time and affection and energy from one partner and direct it *outside* the relationship. Whether or not it is sexual, it is pulling energy out of the main relationship. Express your concern to your partner. You deserve to be the main focus of your partnerīs time and affection, just as you focus your own energies on your partner. If your partner is always off talking to and spending time with someone else, that is time and energy *not* being spent on the relationship, and it means less energy is left for working on the relationship when there *is* time for it. There should be some compromise between your partnerīs other friends and you. While a good relationship always includes outside friends and family, it should not be to the detriment of the core relationship.

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