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Best For You Both
In the end, as much as it might be hard for your partner to accept this, if you donīt want to be with your parter, itīs best for you both to break up. Even if your partner really wants to stay with you, if you do not love your partner any more, the relationship cannot work. Both partners need to be fully committed to a relationship for it to succeed. If you no longer feel that way, no amount of effort on your partnerīs part can fix that. Keep the conversation simple, and donīt bog down in details. But help your partner see that you *both* deserve people with whom you truly match up. Your partner deserves someone that can see his/her special aspects and truly appreciate them. If this is not you right now, then you would not be fair to your partner to keep the relationship going. This might help your partner see how the breakup is in both of your interests.

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