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My Ex is Seeing Someone New
When you break up with someone, there are often hard feelings. You definitely donīt want to be with that person any more. Still, when you see your ex in the mall with a new girl/guy, smiling and having fun, you get those pangs of jealousy. Why? After all, *you* didnīt want this person any more ... Jealousy isnīt just about worrying about someone breaking up your perfect relationship. Jealousy is also about someone disturbing your 'idea' of how things should be. If you break up with your ex because he/she was a jerk, you want to think that YOU will now end up with someone perfect, and HE/SHE will be sad and lonely and regret the things done. It disturbs that 'mental fantasy' if you then see your ex with someone that seems īgreatī, especially if you yourself are alone. Be secure in what you do. You left your ex because you wanted to. What he/she does now doesnīt matter - you are free, and you WILL find someone worthy of what you offer. Donīt let him/her continue to hurt you in this way. Build a new fantasy in which it doesnīt matter *what* he/she does, that you will be happy because you are clear of the baggage, and youīll find things are much rosier.

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