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Signs of love
Love... Love is a feeling that can only be described, not explained. is way more than a strong feeling... you cant stop thinking about them, you trust them 200% but you are still paranoid of what they think of you... you begin to know how they think, you have no worries or limits when it comes to going to see them or talk to them, when you tell your friends about them and of how proud you are of them and yet how scared you are of them too. It's not someting that just happens, it may happen fast but it never just hits you. You and your partner work for that love by talking to eachother, hanging out, acting on feelings, and learnig about the other. Love is when you dont pay attention to the opposite sex anymore becuase you only have eyes for that special person. Love is when you want sex but your willing to wait for the right time. Love is when you help your partner through the toughest situations even if you have to get hurt aswell. Love is when you put the other persons hapiness before your own. Love is a feeling that can only be described, not explained. I love you J-C-Wah!!!!!!!!

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