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Flirtin Tips...Long =)
The best i can say is be yourself. Bois dont lyke it if yoo act lyke sumone else..(be yoorself everyone else is taken) Next tip is SMILE! =D bois love girls hoo r laid back and easy going. Smiling is contagious so smile away but not to much! =) Next tip: if yoo lyke sumone talk to them i know it sounds to hard but bois lyke it wen girls make the first move so just go for it and if yoor rejected hoo cares! theres plenty other bois hoo will apreciate yoo for hoo yoo are =) but if he reacts in a good way great! but as i hav said be yoorself,smile but remember and talk! the easiest chat up line is smile and say 'hi' =) trust me it works im talking from experience.Good Luck!....bubi =)x

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