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Sixteen. Twenty-six years differences. And?
Greetings to whoever decides to read this. I'm presently sixteen years of age, and I've been in a serious relationship with a male twenty-six years my senior for approximately one year. Regrettably, a couple months ago, our relationship was revealed to my mother and naturally, the police were drawn in. (The great thing about being Canadian is that the age of consent is fourteen years of age.) However, due to my mother's full guardianship over me until I reach eighteen years of age, I have unfortunately been coerced into not contacting my partner until I mature into a legal adult. (Yes, I do sneak the infrequent online message- I've been grounded for six months.) It's demonstrated to be difficult, but it's a battle that we're both determined to prevail in. I'm not here to fool around; this is the man I plan to eventually marry within the next upcoming years. My point is that I love him, and as a strong woman, I am proficient enough to sense that it's mutual. I lack the ignorance of an elementary schoolgirl infatuated by her daily babysitter; I recognize reality, but it repulses me, along with any other individuals in a similar situation, that this closed minded world can only view this form of relationship as wrong, that the younger subject’s naivety is being taken advantaged of, and that the older subject is simply a disgusting pedophile. A question that I consider essential to ask is, 'What is the honest difference between a homosexual relationship, an inter-racial relationship, etc... and this? What is different from the accepted ‘normal’ relationship to this?” People don't select their sexual orientation, their race and colour, nor do they decide their age. That's my point. Thank you very much.

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