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Agree Agree Agree!!! With Everything!!!
If your GF or BF says, 'I think we should take a break for a while'.. Do nothing but I AGREE! Say you know what, I was thinking the same thing, things haven't been right lately, I agree with you on this one.. If they say 'it's over', Agree!! Say 'OK' well I wish you the best, I'm sorry things couldn't have been different.. Peoples, when you agree with everything you're showing them that, 1) You don't need them (even though you may), and 2) That you're confident in who you're and you know that their are plenty of fish in the sea, that you will never cry over just one.. By agreeing you also throw the ball back in their court. One momment they don't want you, then suddenly the next momment they just might want what they're just realizing they might not be able to have all because you agree'd with them. You show them that you have strength, integrity, and pride in the human being that you're. I want all of you out there who are hurting right now to do this. Everybody.....Get up lets go..yea you too!!! Get up!!! Walk to the closest mirror, LOOK, Look at yourself, now SMILE really big :) Look at what they're missing, go ahead and tell yourself out loud, ITS GOING TO BE OK, BECAUSE I HAVE YOU, TELL YOURSELF THAT YOUR EX DOESN'T DESERVE YOU!!!! The status of your relationship might change, but you, the person you see in the mirror will never change. That is you, everything you see is yours, this world is yours. Now, take it back!!! Everyday when you wake up, smile, it's a beautiful day!!

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