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Tips from a Woman
1. Don't lie--she WILL find out. That means no bragging about how fast you can drive or your non-existant motorcycle. In fact, most women find bragging funny/cute. Not necessarly sexy or macho. 2. Be yourself--don't change your opinions around to match hers. Or pretend you know something when you don't that she likes. For example, if you hate Coldplay and she loves them, don't pretend you do because she will find out. 3. Be NICE. Open doors, offer her rides, ask her how her day is going, things like that. Despite what men's magazine's tell you, nice guys DO finish first. 4. Don't stare blankly at her. It's creepy and annpoying. Unless she really likes you, then it's cute. 5. Don't look her up and down and grin. Annoying. 6. Listen to her. Talk to her.

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