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Waiting. It is worth it.
The main thing with an adult dating a younger person, it is felt that the adult may take advantage of the minor. They are so many adults out there with ill intentions (ie pedophiles) that the government feels like they are protecting you by not allowing you to be able to date someone older. Well the thing is, this guy and I have been bestfriends for years. It started when I was 11 and he was 20. We werent aware of this at the time but it developed into a friendship, and eventually into a strong love for each other. I am almost 18 now, and he is like my bestfriend. We chose to wait until I came of age before we entered a relationship. And it was worth the wait, cause our feelings just got stronger. So if your person cannot wait until the law says its okay for you two to be together, then you are getting yourself into a situation you do not want to be in. To many young people mix love with lust. Its not the same thing. If someone loves you, they will wait as long as it takes.

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