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staying friends never works..cut off completely!!
im going through a hard time at the moment i split up with my ex saying i wanted to be friends to test him see if he wanted it 2 he agreed.. i asked him back a week later coz i am pregnant by him also he said it wont work and we should stay friends that was about a month ago and in this month we have argued a lot about the baby and the fact he went on a blind date.. this last week though we have been talking civil as friends but to be honest i have noticed that its all been me texting him and half the time he dont even reply so today i texted him and told him i cant be friends with him and i needed a fresh start and as usual i had no reply so i think i got my answer to whole question...IS THERE HOPE? no there aint!!!! so i have to start the pain all over again... so my tip is no man is worth chasing..if they loved u they wouldnt have let you go in the first place.. im gonna try the NO TEXT/RING rule now and deal with my bad days and get on with my life and hopefully if he ever does come back i wont want him anyway...breakups are hard but when u face the fact that u broke up for a reason and u r single again its the first step to the rest of your life!!!!

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