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hope for the best
my g/f broke up with me over a week ago. we were going out for about two years. she said she wanted to just be best friends and that she wanted to know how it felt to be single. so, i understand what she means. she says she doesnt know if we will ever get back together and she doesnt know the future. im just gonna be very optimistic. we're still great friends but im thinking that will just lower m y chances of ever trying again. so, i'm just gonna play the middle. ill hang out with her maybe like once a week or whenever the opportunity arises itself. ill still talk to her like normal. i just wont be around her as much. it really hurts to do this but i want to give her the space she wants. i believe it will work, but i cant be positive. if all this fails, i will be her best friend just like she asked. i think shes very confused. she hugs me all the time, and just does weird things that if we were actually single, she wouldnt. so im gonna let time tell what will happen. i really love her but if we're meant to be then it will happen. just never give up. if you want your b/f or g/f back dont be too needy but dont be completely ignorant, stay in the middle. it hurts alot less. if nothing works, dont make enemies and just be friends.

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