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While there are many suggestions in this area on how to help your partner be more happy, you have to realize these are all SHORT TERM FIXES. The real key to your partner being happy lies in your partner. No matter how much he or she tries to blame others, the only way any person is ever happy is if THEY choose to be happy. There are happy people who are very poor. There are happy people who are not beautiful. There are happy people who are old, there are happy people who have had loved ones die. Any reason someone gives for being happy - if it lasts for more than a few weeks - is an excuse. Given the many blessings we have in life, we should be grateful for those. To obsess solely about the things we *want* in life - a faster car, a better job, a sexier body - leads to misery and discontent. So by all means do your best to help cheer up your partner on a bad day. But if this is a more long term thing, look to handle the SOURCE of the problem.

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