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through thick and thin right? .......,(
i dont understand and ill never bestfriend , soulmate and love of my life, what happend to you? out of all the people in the world why am i the one you want to hert so much. i know i wasnt perfect and i know that somtimes we fought, but you promised me through thick and thin, how could you say the things you said, five years and a child and you say that i cannot compare to being family? you say that there was nothing ever between us and that we never had anything, you ignor me , you rubbed the break up in my face, you playd push n pull by getting my hopes up n knocking them down,when i cried you just attackd me until i was nothing, and now you are seeing another guy n i am seeing another girl, and this girl is wonderful,beautiful, fun and we dont fight.i really like this girl but deep down i know the real reason why im seeing her, because she keeps my mind off of you, i ve tried every thing to get you back but nothing workd, every time i try to forget about you i jus miss you even more, i am going crazy without you, i hate you so much for wat you did and i will neverforgive you,all i want to know is how could you love someone so much and then one day not want them in your life,you destroyed me, congradulations, if this is a game too you, well you won along time ago, through thick and thin right?forever n ever ? well you chose your path, but just remember that you did this not me.....i love you ashley

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