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For guys, how to turn on your girl. (by a girl)
Okay, so I,ve been dating my boyfriend for awhile now and everyones always asking him how he has kept me happy for so long. Well, we don,t have sex we are still young (15) and in school, we don,t want kids now.. Him and I have promise rings which is all that we need. When people ask him how he turns me on, he says ask her. Well, it,s really hot when he pushes me up against the wall and kisses me slowly. It gets really good when her starts experimenting. I love when he ,bites, my lower lip i get super turned on. he always rubs his hands around my back and he always slides his hands down my back, i love when he holds me tight against him, so i rub his dick and he gets really hard. the harder he gets the more turned on i get. im not like most girls, i like experimenting. So he has fun, i guide his hands on my body and let him do what he wants. I also get turned on when he kisses my neck, don,t bite though because that kills it, kiss her neck and move your way to her lips then gently rub her, tell her you love her and don,t wanna lose her, actions speak louder than words, show her

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