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Ok All You Beautiful Girl Out There!
Hello ladies and welcome to my little instruction guide... How To Tell If He Likes You... 1. If he talks to you... if a guy is constantly trying to talk to you and tells you nice things he probably likes you. if you want to test it just don,t text him back or answer his calls or walk past him and see if he says anything. 2. if he says those four words all girls have most likely heard before 'who do you like'. this most likely means he wants you to say you like him and it is a big giveaway. 3. if he tickles you pokes you etc... 4. if he can,t help but smile when he sees you. Don,t worry ill be back with more stuffs later lol ps i am a dude and this is my opinion because this is how i show a girl i like them or just tell em straight up.

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