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Turn your girl on (,
If you really wanna turn her on ... get the advice from a girl . First just make sure your really comfortable together ... if you can,t touch eachother then this won,t work for you ... get down on one knee , and move her shirt up to about her bra line ... slowly kiss all around her stomach and up until you reach her shirt ... then skip up to her chest (this works better if her shirt is low-cut) kiss all around her chest then suck on her collar bone ... continue kissing your way up and around her neck .. slowly kiss all the way up her neck and cheek until you reach her lips ... then slowly and seductively kiss her , but make them short . give her sort kisses over and over until you know it,s time for the long kiss - when it comes to this press yourself up against her(works great if your doing this up against a wall) and kiss her for as long as you want to ... to turn her on even more grab her by the back of her thigh (just below her butt) and pick her up ... (9 times out of 10 she will wrap her legs around you) then kiss her very passionately and suddenly pull away ... this will leave her very turned on and wanting more(' Good Luck (:

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