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just be urself
Listen guysss, am a guy n I got experience. All u have to do is be ur self n let ur confident flow. Ok let,s get to the point... 1: hold her 2: compliment her 3: listen to her 4: don,t lie to her 5: if u made a stupid mistake around her, compliment her n make her laugh just to cover ur failt 6: write her a letter everyday 7: make her feel special 8: when she,s sick stay up with her all night 9: tell her what u think about her 10: call her everynight at the same time eg 10:00pm 11: follow her home 12: remind her how beautiful she is 13: don,t bored her. 14: be interesting 15: don,t try to be someone ur not 16: touch her 17: don,t be a wanna be wit her 18: tell her she,s beautiful not sexy or hot 19: don,t follow her all the time, she needs space (trust me) 20: help her 21: anytime u reach up wit her tell her something sweet 22: ask her if she,s ok 23: ask her how was her day 24: don,t ask her personal questions 25: don,t be a dick 26: don,t be inquisitive 27: buy her something romance or something to eat 28: hold her hands when walking wit her 29: give her ur attention 30: be smart n use ur sense of humor to answer her questions *Theres a lot more to say but time is finite. Hopefully when I come back again I,ll explain in details* Good luck guy!!! B.E. Y.O.U.R. S.E.L.F.

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