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Guide your thought patterns
It´s easy to get caught up thinking about your ex. You´re driving to work or school, and you just can´t stop thinking about him. You pass the apartment you used to live in, and her face keeps appearing. It´s hard to heal when these thoughts are everpresent. If you´re stuck in this rut, try thinking about your ex as simply 'gone'. If you start to wonder, 'what is he doing now, who is he with, what are they up to?' remind yourself firmly, 'He´s GONE.' Imagine an empty spot, one which can be filled with someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. It will get easier after time to nudge the thoughts of your ex out of your head, and after a while your ex will cease to appear there. You´ll have found another, more wonderful person to take the place.

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