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The response to a breakup
Your partner sits you down and says they do not wish to be with you any more. You could feel shock, or you could have seen this coming. What do you do? Itīs important to first find out why your partner is saying this. Itīs natural to be sad and angry, but talk with your partner to find out why. See if outside pressures are involved (friends, parents) or if this is truly what your partner wants. Now give yourself time to digest the news. Are you somewhat relieved? Are you shocked that you never saw it coming? If so, this means communication was pretty poor until now. Perhaps you could promise to try to communicate much more in the future. Decide, for yourself, if you truly want your partner back. Not just because itīs a 'hard habit to break', but because you truly feel your partner and you are a great team. If you feel that way, you can arrange to meet with your partner again to discuss this ... but more than likely you will find that, if your partner is not happy, that you were not fully happy either. If so, accept that the breakup was the best thing for both of you, even if it was a *very* difficult thing, and begin to move on with your life.

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