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take control, girls!
So me and my boyfriend have been going out for a few months. We were hanging out at his house, just cuddling and making out the whole time. When it came time for me to leave, we hugged and he kissed me really urgently. I,m only 4,11' and he is 5,8' so i,m pretty short and small compared to him (he also has huge biceps!) Well, I decided to take control and push him back onto the couch and straddled him and we frenched. He LOVED it when i took control and begged for more. So to make seeing him the next time better, i gave him A BIT more, by kissing his face and AROUND his lips. And just before i kissed him on the lips, i stopped kissing him and said 'I have to go'. He BEGGED me to keep kissing him. The next time i saw him he was ALL over me :)

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