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Make her smile
When you are sitting next to her keep eye contact and then keep staring at her lips. This game takes patience. You DONT want her to turn the tables on you. Keep staring at her eyes and lips suggestively. When she comes closer stop looking at her. Pretend to be VERY interested on what is on the tv. Point out any stupid little fact about the movie. Finish by saying 'that is really intreging.' She will most likely be a little confused. Afterall you just spent all that time looking at her. She will probably lean closer to you and ask if that is the most intreging thing in the room. Look at her slyly her eyes and lips. She will probably raise her eyebrow in question. Then grin and say, 'Yep.' She will realize that youve been toying with her and will probably tackle you, and then you have your built up playful kiss.

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