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Guys just want a nice personality.
Its true.That is all we look for. We dont care how good looking you are. If you act like a b**** we wont stick around and put up with attitude as a trade off for beauty. Guys want a girl who respects and accepts them and doesnt give in to what their friends say about us. (We HATE that. Why would you go out with us and then take your friends opinions of us over what you saw in us in the first place?) Guys want a girl who will understand that we arent always as OPEN to discussing our feelings as girls are. We are a little stubborn but is also cause we are scared of being mocked for it. Not just by other men but by girls too. Not everytime we open up to you do you take it seriously. Sometimes you laugh. Then we stop opening up and you wonder why. If we laugh at you, you get mad. It works both ways. But all guys have a breaking point with how much stress we can handle and bury deep down. This is important: WHEN WE DONT WANT TO TALK BUT YOU SEE WE ARE HURTING FROM STRESS OR BUILT UP ANXIETY do not ask or demand us to tell you because we (most of the time) wont or we will become frustrated with you fearing that you will see us as week. When we feel this way no amount of words will change this. But here is what you can do to help. Give us a hug and affection. Be there physically. We will feel better and might open up. I know that is what i want when i feel down and trapped. Nine times out of ten if a girl does this i will open up afterwards as well.

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