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Why Needing Space is an Invalid Complaint
It seems that most people who escape relationships by claiming they 'need space' are under 16. They use this as a convenient excuse because it is in essence meaningless. They don't have to take responsibility for any problems. They say these words, run away and don't have to have a difficult conversation. If a person 'need space' from someone, it is because something is wrong. People don't 'need space' when they are completely happy. If a person is completely happy the last thing they want is to change that happy state. If a person is NOT happy, it is critical that the person learns the skill to explain what the issue is so it can be fixed. If a partner in a relationship can't even discuss unhappiness, how can they ever be worked on and resolved? The whole point of a relationship is that it involves communication and problem fixing. This means problems are discussed and fixed - not left to linger until someone runs away with a meaningless faultless claim of 'needing space'.

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