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The Mobile Phone or Strange Phonecalls
This is becomming increasingly more common since mobile phones have started coming into everyday use. Check their mobile INBOX for messages people have sent them. If you find anything suspicious then ALWAYS check the OUTBOX message that they have sent back to the other person before you confront your spouse. These problems are becomming increasingly more common as mobile phones are becoming more accessible, and can often cause rifts within relationships because there are a selection of people out there that think that the written word is more important than the spoken one. A 'dodgey' text message may not necessarily be exactly what it looks like, but if the signs are all adding up then that could be a big clue. Also, if your partner is getting frequent phonecalls from someone called 'dave from the office' at all hours of the day and night, then it may be safe to assume that 'dave' is not who he appears to be...unless ofcourse, he really is from the office...he just 'swings that way'.

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